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>> the cash for clunkers program is running out of gas. if you want to take advantage of the program you better hurry. the end is closer than we thought. and we continue to watch hurricane bill. what affect will he have on your weekend weather. and tom ridge is telling all. the revealing details about the
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bush white house in his new book. fox 5 midday news starts right now. the brakes are on. take a look, monday at 8:00 p.m. is the end for the cash for clunkers program. thank you for watching fox 5 midday news. i'm tony perkins. >> i'm allison seymour. this weekend is last chance to get money for your clunker. some are still waiting for their money. sherry ly is in northwest with more on the top story. sherry. >> reporter: if you have a clunker, they have the cars here at this northwest dealership. now many of them have not been paid as you mentioned. and to help out with that problem, two dealerships are now offering some cash advances, both chrysler and gm will give money to their dealerships until the government comes up with the money. it's been a blockbuster month for auto dealers, fueled by
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people like mike mcfarland who unloaded his 92 isuzu rodeo to buy a car. >> it was $4,500 for what i traded in. i don't think i could get $45 for it. >> reporter: as of thursday, 457,000 clunker have been traded in for almost $2 billion. but getting gas guzzlers off the road and into more fuel- efficient cars have had hiccups. >> they've had to do this very quickly. and they subcontracted the citibank in oracle and they're rushing around hiring people and trying to get them trained. but any startup has problems and this is a startup under a blizzard of paper. >> reporter: they get up to $4,500 on the spot, but the government has been slow to pay up. >> i think this is a high class problem to have that we're selling too many cars too quickly and there is a backlog in the application process.
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we're getting it picked up. >> reporter: it is driving up auto sales. and now gm and hundredy are bringing back thousands of workers. >> we're thrilled to be a part of jump starting the economy and putting salesmen back to work in showoms, putting mechanics back to work, helping scrap yards finally get some business. >> reporter: at fitzgerald auto mall they've made about 700 deems -- deals so far with days left for buyers and dealers to cash in. >> i think it's helped. >> reporter: and now dealers have a monday deadline to get the 13 pages of paperwork in to get paid. many of which have not been paid so far, including martins. but they will remain open throughout the weekend for the cash for clunkers program. some dealers across country have decided to drop out of the program because of the payment problems but there are not in any or area but you should check to make sure before you go shopping this weekend.
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tony and allison. >> sherry ly live in northwest. thank you for that. and to speed up payment, the administration has tripled the number of people processing the paperwork. president obama promises every deal in the pipeline will get paid if the paperwork is correct. if you're heading out this afternoon, it might not be a bad idea to grab your umbrella. >> tucker barnes joins us with a look at the forecast and a update on hurricane bill. >> thank you very much. and we have showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast this aftnoon. and plenty of midity. let's get righ a i . tydi let's get right to i theet in t t he afternoon, you could ershe t s s er fashs noow-- showers s tno r offoward western d mndalary lan closer. 'rg tt so we have the leading of edge m llwie ovy ati will move hesp moi red anth re and i think we'll understorms firing an msunorint firdeg up later today. temperatures right now, we are warming up. we're currently in the 80s.
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let's take a look at the temperatures. 88 degrees right now. humidity 59%. saving grace is the wind, out of the south and west at 13 miles per hour. here is a look at the remainder of the day. partial sunshine and partly cloudy with scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms in the forecast and some could be with very favy rain. and let's go to hurricane bill and we'll give you the latest because i'm giving an update. still a category three hurricane, maximum winds 115 miles per hour, pushing off to the north, northwe and the outer bands of bill are bringing rain to bermuda where they are expecting between 2 and 6 inches of rain. so we'll have more on bill coming up and more on our weekend forecast in just a couple of minutes. allison. >> tucker, thank you. as the storm moves close to bermuda, president bill clinton should watch out. he's there on vacation with his wife hillary clinton. they have not announced a change to their vacation plans
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so far but forecasters say hurricane bill could cause significant flooding in bermuda. new details this morning about a deadly accident in centreville, virginia. a car hit a 64-year-old woman shortly before 6:00 this morning. accident happened on new braddock road near singleton's way. the woman was not in a crosswalk as she tried to cross the road. the driver of the striking having, a 26-year-old woman, stayed on the scene. fire investigators are working to pinpoint what caused a massive fire in silver spring just before 5:00 this morning. flames broke out on the deck and apparently spread to the home on featherwood street. no one inside the house was hurt but three firefighters ended up in the hospital with minor burns. crews were called to heath coat road in waldorf where they found a 3-year-old boy not breathing. he was pronounced dead.
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the cause of his death has nt been determined. a prince george's county fire chief is recovering from serious injuries following a three car crash on the beltway. chief kenneth mcswain had to undergo hours of surgery after the wreck early yesterday morning. the accident happened on 495 near central avenue. the impact was so violent that the chief to be rescued from his suv. he is expected to survive. metro amoving forward to defend itself against several lawsuits that came out of the deadly redline crash in june. it has hired a law firm, wilson elser to work with it's in house lawyer. several lawsuit have been file sod far against the tranity agency. and stick to the path and listen to the rangers. that's the message for people that use trails in rock creek park after campers were stung
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by bees on a trail walk. several children and adults were stung. none of the stings were serious. emergency crews rushed to a football field after the heat sickened several students. a dozen students and a coach had to leave the field and head to the hospital. there weren't any serious injuries. police did comb the field to see whether a paint or pesticide on the grass was to blame but that did not appear to be the case. there was a last-minute rush to get vaccinated before school starts on monday. you'll have a chance today to get shots across the district. for the first time d.c. has mandated that girls as young as 11 get the gardasil vaccine. parents can opt out without any explanation. >> one of the common side affects is fainting and seizures.
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there have been young girls who can't form words hours after they've had the vaccine. >> it is a individual choice. i think if somebody looks at it and says it's on medical grounds, the benefits of the vaccine far outweigh the risks. >> here is where students can get vaccinated. this clinic is open at 9:00 until 7:00 tonight. they will also have temporary clinics tomorrow at kelly miller middle, blew high, kramer middle all from 8:00 until 4:00 p.m. prince george's county schools start on monday and this morning we sat down with superintendent dr. william hite about what is new and any challenges that students and staff may face due to budget restrictions. >> we have a reduction in taff of about 700 positions that we did not have last year. however, we were cognizant to really try to keep those reductions away from classrooms and away from
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schools. >> but there is some good news too. >> we're very excited that we're going to open a new performing arts school in the southern part of the county and we also have three other k-8 schools that will be opening in prince george's county this fall. >> here is more good news. advance place courses are available at every prince george's high school. the government wants to know if classified information including the identify of c.i.a. officers was given to detainees at guantanamo bay. an investigation is under way to see if military lawyers gave out the information. it is a violation of military commission rules to reveal classified information even to defendants. former homeland security -- former homeland security official tom ridge says he was pressured to raise the terror alert level right before the 2004 presidential election. he says he chose not to despite
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the urging of what he said was then donald rumsfeld. ridge makes the accusations in his new book and it was in part why he decided to leave his post. those under president bush says it did not play a role in the election. cre deeds is delivering what strategists are calling a defining moment speech at george mason university and plans to rease the first tv ad of the fall campaign. he does trail bob mcdonnell by about 9 points in several polls. mcdonnell today is campaigning in ap ahmad ox and harrisonburg. a manhunt is under way of catching a tv reality star and why he's on run. and they both know what
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it's like to be ostracized for their beliefs. the touching story behind a rabbi and monk in the power of one. and a street gets the make over. why it was turned into a larger than life version of candyland. that story and more on we're back in two minutes. th
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welcome back to midday. we mentioned this just a few moments ago. this is creigh deeds at the george mason university making a speech. he of course is running for governor in virginia. he's the democratic candidate and he's delivering a speech that some aids are saying they hope will be a defining moment speech in this race in virginia. this speech is taking place right now. if you would like to tune into that, go to we'll carry it in its entirety. taking a look at headlines
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around the world. u.s. forces hit a suspected militant hideout in pakistan, killing 10 people. the missile strike targeted the strong hold of the jihad commander believed to be behind attacks on afghanistan. and to afghanistan where they are still counting the votes but president karzai has claimed victory and so has abdullah abdullah. the country's independent commission says it's too early for anyone to say they have won. the results won't be made public until saturday. iraq is still unstable. officials are asking for the u.s. military help as they investigate a wave of coordinated attacks. more than 100 people were killed in yesterday's bombing. 11 of the police and army commander have been detained on the suspicion of negligence according to a okesperson. now this morning two people were killed when a truck bomb
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went out in southern bagdad. tony. an international munder way star aexcused of killing his ex- fe. police believe ryan jenkins is . hiding out in canada, where he is from. detectives say enkis nedklill jasmine, feeory, and remov her teeth and fingers and stuffed her body in a suitcase and tossed it into a dumpster in california. he was on the show megan wants a millionaire. a budget cutting measure in california could put thousands of criminals on the street. the state senate has approved a plan to slash more than a billion dollars from the corrections budget. part of the plan includes reducing the number of inmates by 27,000, meaning some could be released early. a new version now in front of the state assembly would change the plan, keeping about 10,000 of those behind bars. discovery is set to launch next week and a local man will be on board. astronaut patrick forester will work as a mission specialist.
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this isn't the first time around for this astronaut. he's been on two previous missions. he's a graduate of west springfield high school and the university of virginia. the fight against aids and- takes to the streets this weekend. the numbers here are staggering in our area. the whitman walker clinic says 5-6% of the district's population lives with aids or hiv. this weekend radio personality big tiger is heading up the third annual ride for life. thousands of bikers from all over our area are expected to be there. it starts sunday at rfk stadium and ends with a grand finale at six flags america at noon and there is more on in an hour from now, a synogogue will be filled with
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worshipers. >> and you might be surprised who they are. we have more. >> reporter: they may lo like the ultimate odd couple. >> the only thing straight and narrow about us. >> reporter: but for rabbi and this monk, this is a natural extension of the faith. >> we share the community together and we share the same parks and schools, we share the same leaders in our government, we share the same security around us. >> reporter: so when the rabbi learned that the muslim society had no place for the most important of all worship for muslims, the friday services, the northern virginia congregation opened its doors. >> to us, it is the fulfillment of our teaching of our heeb re profit. izeia says may my house of prayer be a house of prayer for all people and it seems to me that for our muslim brothers to come be with us, and to draw
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insight and education and prayerfulness together, what better purpose. >> reporter: every friday they lien the foyer in -- line the foyer at the synogogue in reston. over the past years the members have come here to worship. in that time, the synogogue's open doors have opened up the hearts and minds of those. >> when there was a hollow caught -- the holocaust shooting at the museum, i called for interfaith prayer and we went there. >> reporter: and the rabbi and e man's friendship has grown. >> you don't know that someone is your friend until they're the first one that calls you when a family member or community member is in pain. >> reporter: the way the jewish community responded following the attacks on 9/11.
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>> for example 9/11, the community had a big poster, saying that we will commute here and don't let anyone [ inaudible ]. when a jewish woman accompanied muslim women grocery shopping after 9/11, that speaks volumes. >> reporter: this spring when authorities foiled the plot to blow up two synogogues in new york, the first call they got was from their friend. >> it gains that much more momentum and tolerance and compassion and a relationship between jews and muslims that is rare around the world. >> reporter: setting an example through their own relationship, hoping bridge gaps to future generations. >> that is a story i want my children to see. i want them to be able to relate to this kind of relationship and understanding in both communities and that's how we change people's minds and hearts. >> that's a great story.
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that was gurvir dhindsa reporting. the mission of the rabbi and the e man continues to grow. they're working on getting a group of clergy together to travel to the middle east, including gaza. caught on camera, a nasty fight in the streets of d.c. it ends with a car ramming next to a crowd. how this all started and ended. plus quentin tarantino talks about it on midday this week in my extensive interview and now kevin mccarthy reviews in glorious bastards
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[ sniffs ] an olive. [ sniffs ] green, with pimento. ooh. he's good.
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nothing gets past him. [ sniffs ] piece of cake. [ male announcer ] kill bugs on contact without the bad smell. raid ant & roach killer is specially formulated with no lingering chemical odor. what'shat? [ sniffs ] i don't smell nothing. raid! raid! raid! raid ant & roach killer kills bugs dead! with no lingering odor. sc johnson. a family company. we have some new friends joining us today on what's cooking. our new friends from cafe dupont. joining us is minot
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stefanovich. i'm happy about that. you are located in the dupont hotel. >> and in the circle. >> dupont is all you have to remember. and what are you doing today? >> today i will cook salmon with some beluga and roasted pepper. >> now scottish salmon, is that how you prepare it? >> it's coming from stock land. this one is caught there and shipped over. >> we'll taste that in just a little bit. we're glad you're here and we'll taste that and more in just a little bit. how about that? >> it sounds good. especially on a friday. >> it does sound good. the forecast here, it's going to be changing and we'll get sunshine right now but a lot of heat and humidity. and you know what that means? >> what. >> showers and thunderstorms in the forecast and a good shot of them this afternoon. we'll look at them coming up. and holly continues her fair hopping.
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this week arlington county. good mornin >> reporter: good morning, allison. right now i'm trying to decide whether a woman a snow cone, a bomb pop, frozen fruit or the crunch bar king size. the frozen fruit is way too healthy. because fair season comes just once a year and we are indeed doing the circuit and we are live at the arlington county fair. it's an urban fair of sorts. we'll tell you why it's just the right price for you and your family. it's all live later on fox 5 midday news. stay with us.
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a look at top stories today. the government has applied the brakes on the cash for clunkers program. it ends monday night at 8:00. so hurry up if you still would like to get in on that rebate. white house officials praised the program as a lifeline to the automobile industry and many dealer have said they have had to wait too long to get their money.
11:30 am
the president promises the cash is coming. a last-minute rush to get d.c. kids vaccinated before schools start on monday. d.c. has mandated girls as young as 11 get the gardasil vaccine that protects against cervical cancer. parents can opt out without explanation. there is a clinic immunization tonight and then tomorrow you have a chance to get your shots at four schools in the district. more information can be found at a fight posted on you tube. >> it shows two groups of girls, armed with rocks and sticks and a knife. two have been arrested and police say more arrests may be coming. we have more on this fight caught on camera. >> reporter: the tape begins in what appears to be the common area of an apartment complex in the 3700 block of j. street northeast. we have turned off the audio because of the language. the person operating the camera can be heard laughing, then alerting others someone has a
11:31 am
knife. at one point, you can see an adult with a belt. other girls have rocks and sticks. d.c. police don't know who shot the video or who put it online, but they are happy to have it. >> i think this video is just outstanding evidence for us to help us proceed in our case. >> reporter: in this age of social networking sites where all kinds of pictures and videos are posted, it's not uncommon for police to not only find them but use them as well. >> you can google or you tube fights, any type of fight and you can come across various incidents like the one that occurred. >> reporter: but in this case the evidence is there for all to see. at one point several girls chase another down the street. they surround her and begin hitting her. one can be seen kick the girl on the -- kick the girl on the ground and then a car drives wrong way on a one-way street and a boy limps away.
11:32 am
>> she was placed under arrest on the scene by one of our officers and she was presented before the u.s. attorneys office for prosecution. >> reporter: according to court papers, one girl was involved in the fight and had three venile girls in the car with her. >> one has been charged with assault of a deadly weapon. a juvenile has been charged with slaing tires so she couldn't leave the scene. now with a video in hand, investigators are looking to pursue further charges. an investigation made simpler with the assistance of you tube and the person who decided to post it there. in the fox 5 news room, i'm paul wagner. >> and that video has been removed from the website. tucker is joining us on a friday with a look at the all- important weekend. >> the weekend forecast. it will be one of those weekends that starts soggy and ends nice. >> good. >> by sunday it will be beautiful. we have to get there first. we have showers and thunderstorms in the forecast today and some of them will be soakers. we have a very humid air mass
11:33 am
outside. >> where are my three buddy? , hot, haze and humid. >> they might leave town on sunday. we'll look at hd radar. the showers and thunderstorms on their way. yocan see them out t he west. look a -- at the boxes. there is a severe thunderstorm watch into southern pennsylvania just a few moments ago. so we have the showers and thunderstorms starting to break out, out towards hagerstown some shower activity and this is all generally pushing to the east and along this line and very humid out there and very hot as well. but we'll start to see some more showers and thunderstorms bubble up around here during the next couple of hours. i think for the most part it will hold off for a few more hours but late this afternoon a few more showers and thunderstorms even here in washington. and let's look at the bigger picture and the satellite radar.
11:34 am
but i backed this up but you can see the showers and the thunderstorms and the thicker cloud cover developing out to west. so mostly cloudy by late this afternoon. all associated with a code front and it will come through in two partsch the first piece of it later today and the second half of it will get in here as we get into the daytime hours tomorrow. so we're not going to get the threat of a shower or thunderstorm out of the forecast until late tomorrow and into early sunday. and then the cooler and drier air will move in and we'll have a great looking end to the weekend. by sunday afternoon, by monday and tuesday, it will be beautiful around here with the sunshine and lower humidity in the forecast as well. 88 right now at reagan national. fredicsberg, 90. frederick 90. so plenty of heat. and again humidity out ahead of the frontal system and that will supply presentee of energy here as we get into the afternoon and evening hours. because of that, the storm prediction center has given us a slight risk of severe weather today and the concern is thunderstorms that will produce
11:35 am
the possibility of hail, damaging wind and some very heavy rain. we could see some heavy rain as we have a lot of moisture around here in the mid-atlantic at this hour. there is a look at hurricane bill. and ll was looking a little peeked earlier today but the eye emerged, so preintensifying as we speak. the winds up to 120 miles per hour, starting to impact bermuda with rain shower activity, pushing off to the north and west and it will push off to the north, eventually be dragged out to the northeast. so it won't impact land rely, but it will bring very heavy surf. so from the carolinas down toward ocean city and up towards new england, we'll see high surf and he possibility of some damaging riptides here as we get into the weekend. both saturday and sunday, be ready for that if you're headed down to the beaches partly cloudy for us this afternoon. scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast and there could be heavy rain out there.
11:36 am
high temperature about 92 degrees so that's plenty hot. tonight we don't lose the temperatures a whole lot. 75 overnight. scattered showers and thunderstorms and still humid with all of thrain we'll get over the next 12-18 hours. tomorrow, more showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. hopefully we'll get it out of here in time for the redskins game. sunday looks great. sunday afternoon, 85, sunshine, lower humidity. pond -- monday, 83 degrees. overnight lows back in the 60. and tuesday we'll start to warm up again. but again, your busies hazy, hot and humid are going on vacation. >> good. bye-bye. >> very nice. thanks, tucker. does this make sense? >> yeah. just read it. >> okay. after the ballgame, get ready to head to the fair. that doesn't make sense. you knew it didn't make sense. thanks a lot. >> and you fell for it. >> holly is at the arlington county fair and she has a preview of what you can expect
11:37 am
to find. and we're back in a moment. >> wow, allison. >> that was great. wo is this... fiber one honey clusters? yes. delicious. it's delicious. i know. but it can't have... can't have about half a day's worth of fiber? i assure you it ds. i was expecting... expecting sawdust and cardboard? i know. i can only taste... only taste the crunchy clusters, honey, and brown sugar. no madam, i don't have esp. ok. i'll take a box, but you probably already knew that. (announcer) fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. i need the baker file stat!!
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11:39 now. fox is spending friday at the fair. >> and holly is checking out the arngton county fair. holly, what did you decide to eat? >> reporter: i moved over to the frozen banana or cheesecake, both dipped in chocolate. >> go for the banana. >> and it's next next -- next to the lemonade, because i'm not hot, i'm just glistening in the fair due. i know you have a great opinion, but i'm going to ask don grinder because he's on the fair board. which do you like to go for? >> i like the cheesecake. i think banana might go soft. >> and we can wash it down with a gallon of lemonade. >> reporter: and you opened on
11:41 am
wednesday and you go through sunday and you're unique. >> we pride ourself on representing arlington county and we want the fair to represent that and you can see it in our food selection. >> which we love the food selection. and sense it is not necessarily an agricultural fair, it smells really good >> all you smell is the great food we have. >> reporter: trust me this is my fourth fair in. i know. what does it take to get ready for a fair like this? >> it is a year of precipitation. we have 15-20 people on fair board and we meet monthly and rely on our volunteer force and once we have a plan, we need volunteers to help with it. >> reporter: and this is the largest multi-day event in the county of arlington. do you find it is mostly the locals or do you have people come from all over? >> we have people there all over. we do our marketing and people see that and come to the fair. >> reporter: coming to the fair is not a time to be on a diet.
11:42 am
so we're checking out more fair fare, and we find ourself in front of mcbrand foods and we'll check in with jeff via. what is on the menu today? >> we have salad, italian sausage, polish sausage. corn dogs. >> can we talk about the foot- long corn dog. how many of these do we sell? >> a whole bunch. >> reporter: what do we think about this, don? >> that's a meal. that's not just a snack. this is a meal. >> reporter: i'll have to say that's a first for me. so here is my question, jeff, do you travel from fair to fair? >> yes ma'am. >> reporter: so is it like a year long thing? >> about nine mons out of the year. >> so how does arlington county fair rank? >> it's up there. it's a big one. >> reporter: now in terms of what we have cooking over here, i see some -- is that polish sausage, italian sausage. >> polish sausage. hot dogs, burgers, stakes.
11:43 am
>> reporter: what is your biggest seller? >> here probably italian, italian corn dogs. >> i think your order of chips needs to be a little larger. >> reporter: where do they grow onions that size that come out with rings like that? >> texas. >> reporter: everything is big in texas. they have customers. the classic funnel cake. that is the full fair experience. we appreciate your time here this morning. is our website. we have a link to arlington county and i told you i would tell you why the price is right. absolutely free to come to the arlington county fair. no price of admission. you can come on in and ride rides and play games. and i don't want to forget the crab cakes. they have won 12 different awards. just yet another option here for your waistline to expand -- i mean for you to have lots of fun here at the fair. back to you guys. >> and there is something about the fair. you have to eat.
11:44 am
you have to eat all of that stuff. that's great. thank you. friday of course here on midday news. >> and we have two pets in studio and one you might want to make room for in your home. look at that beauty. >> he is adorable. and we'll head over to studio b. do see what our guest ch cooking -- cooking up this morning. don't go anywhere. we're coming right back.
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11:47 am
there is nothing like a good friend to spend the weekends with and this is what these guys are looking for, a good forever home with a good friend. and our good friend kelly manon with the washington humane society joins us with thorning with two special pets in the making. these are some beautiful guys. that is big gray and this is domino. tell us about big gray because i don't think he likes being
11:48 am
this close to domino. >> i don't think so early. he is a stray. and i got to meet him the other day and i realized he's the friendliest cat. >> that gray with the beautiful golden eyes. >> and he's a domestic long hair, so if you have allergies, you might want to go with a hort hair. but if you don't, he's such a sweetie. he just wants to cuddle. >> and you can see it. because this is a stressful situation with all of the lights and domino tting here. >> i love this dog. and he was surrendered by his owner and they didn't give us a reason just that they couldn't keep him any more. and he's fabulous. walks great on a leash. >> and look at him now. if you can really be this mellow on -- with all of this excitement around you, then these two are good pets. >> and he's great with other dogs as well. >> and you have events coming up. and let's make sure to get
11:49 am
through them. and the first one is pups in the park. tell us about it. >> we have worked with the washington nationals before. and we had a fabulous event with them. we just brought a bunch of dogs and cats and we decided to do it again. it will be an evening event and people will bring their own dogs into the park. it will be a lot of fun. >> we're looking for opportunities to include our animals and not a whole bunch to do that. and also there is walk for the animals and that's on the mall. >> that's our huge event with the humane society of the united states every year and it's a lot of fun. every comes out and brings their animals. it's just a really good family day. >> you have time to plan for that because it is saturday october 10th. we have just a little bit more time and let's talk about the process, because i got to believe, if you are in the market for either a cat or a dog and you're watching today, you'll want to figure out how to get in touch. so what does somebody do if they're interested in adopting a pet. >> go on the website and read
11:50 am
more about the animals that are here today or whoever else we have on there as well. and then to come by the shelter and interact with them and then fill out an application. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> let's head off to studio b. and see what tony has cooking up this morning. tony. >> thank you very much. and for the first time, we have our friends at cafe dupont in dupont hotel in dupont circle. and we have joined by their head chef, ramit stefanovich: and what are we cooking up today? >> shallots and a leek. just nice and caramelized on the butter, and we have some butter inside. and on the shallots we'll put
11:51 am
some ball hugo lentil that was cooked earlier. >> that's a lot. >> the thyme gives a nice flavor. >> what else is in there? is that a little onion? >> i have one piece of shallot and a bay leaf. salt and pepper. and this is -- >> do you let that boil first. do you cook that and then add it to here? >> yes. >> and this could be on the bottom. and here we have salmon. a nice piece of scottish salmon. i marinaded that a couple of hours ago and in the olive oil. >> and scottish salmon, is that common here? i've not had it before. >> yes. you can get it in the whole foods. >> very good. >> and we're just quickly sieger that down, which is
11:52 am
really important. and sear it approximately 5-6 minutes on each side. but most important don't move because the skin will fall apart. >> no flipping it over, okay. >> and this is what is cooked [ inaudible ] and it's nice and cooked medium. >> and that's just inside? >> the skin side up. and i'll put just a little bit of thyme, a little bit more butter. >> you like the butter. >> butter is good. >> it makes it good, yeah. >> that's the reason we cook with it. and we'll just base a little bit. >> and if you're watching and thinking, butter, all things in moderation. >> of course. >> you don't have better with every meal all day long and just enjoy it. that smells really good. i know we're going to taste it. but tell me about the flavor.
11:53 am
is the flavor of salmon different from other types of salmon. >> it's much different. the quality, because of feeding wise, the color is more intense, more vibrant. >> but of course it depends on the colors of salmon. but i personally, i really love this. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> and here i have a sauce, i have a roasted peppers with a little bit of thyme and vegetable sauce, garlic blended a little bit. just a couple of spins. >> is that too much. >> not too much. >> is that a puree. >> it is a puree, a little bit of olive oil inside and salt, pepper and thyme. >> and speaking of time, we'r out of it. but we'll plate this up and
11:54 am
come back in just a couple of minutes. cafe dupont. for more information about the res pie and the folks at , pont dupont, go to and we'll be back in just a moment.
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
earlier this week tony had a chance to speak with quentin tarantino. and inglorious bastards told gurvir what he thought about it. >> my favorite movie th he directed was true romance and i
11:58 am
said do you think you'll write anything better than that and he said i think i've beat that with a script called inglorious bastards. and two years later it's finally coming out. i have to say it's the best thing he's done since pulp fick. and the trailers lead to you believe that brad pitt is the star, but the real star is a guy called scott wolf and the stories resolved around bastards, jewish american soldiers who have been dropped in a camp to go around and kill nazi. and also you revolve around a character named sob anna who her parents were killed by a nazi colonel and she wants to get revenge and she works at a movie theater and she finds out he's going to attend a premier of a movie and she's going to blow him up and it becomes say
11:59 am
kill bill type of thing. >> and it's funny in some places. what is your take on this. what kind of movie is this? >> it's a quentin tarantino movie and you laugh at things that aren't funny. in pulp fictions, laugh when people got shot. so at this particular film, he's one of these directors that to this day has shown cinema that he can be the greatest man behind the camera. and musical choices and everything he does is beyond any oth dirtor out there. and i'll say this, this is not for kids. it's very, very violent and he uses music used in kill bill and still the best thing since pulp fiction. i feel like he's at the top of his game. those the best thing he's done. >> it's a little bit long. >> 2 hours and 32. it's told in five different chapters which helps the story -- the story break up and it goes by fast and is fun and when the movie ends you'll be

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